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No crossword puzzles in the April 9 and April 16 issues. Why??

What have you done with the crossword puzzles? That is my only problem as well as my only question. I subscribed for years and now I have just been buying them every week. I, like the other complaintent, always do the crossword first and read it later.

I am really running out of things to say except I think the hundred minimum is a bit ridiculous since ! Am only lookin for the crossword puzzle. Am I at 100 words yet? The April 2 issue had the puzzle in it.

I will miss the puzzle and I will just have to see if my beautician will save her dhop’s magazines for me and save my money. I am through even if this is not 100 words.

Product or Service Mentioned: People Magazine Magazine.

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You discontinue the Puzzler and keep the Second Look? I don't know anyone who enjoys finding Where's Waldo or who would buy a magazine to do that!

Once the articles have been read you grab a pen and fill out the puzzle!

That's the best thing about the magazine. Stories are always the same the only thing that changes are the fashion trends.


How can you discontinue the puzzler? It’s why I get the magazine.

I buy all the puzzler books too!!! Why would you discontinue it?


Very upset about the crossword puzzles being discontinued. It was the first thing I did when I received the issue in the mail.

Now I have nothing to look forward to. I will cancel my subscription if they are not renewed.


Miss the puzzles but am even more annoyed that People Magazine chooses to not answer or comment to even one of their readers that took the time to inquire!!


Will cancel my subscription when it runs out. NO PUZZLE!!!!!! Shame on you.


Bring back the Puzzler! It was the first thing I looked for in the magazine, and I’d solve it before reading the articles.


With all due respect, if you are buying this magazine just for the puzzle, that is a waste of money. If you enjoy doing puzzles, you are better off buying a puzzle book at the dollar store.


It just compliments the magazine. Kind of like the recipes and the other puzzle.


Are the crossword puzzles gone for good? If so, I will not be renewing my subscription.


I will cancel when my subscription runs out! Loved doing the crossword puzzle!




I agree.. crossword was one thing I enjoyed about the magazine. I will not renew either


Pissed about the absence of the crossword puzzles too!!!




This is the one crossword I can do with no help!!!! I love it!! Please say it's coming back!!


Will not renew subscription. Disappointed. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING.


I'm glad I'm not the only one mad about this. I really enjoy those puzzles.If you need a puzzle fix thats not too hard dollar tree carries a tv guide crossword book. I just really like the People cuz its more recent clues.


Where are the Crossword Puzzles? My daughter bought me a subscription and we should get our money refunded if you're discontinuing.


That is my reason first for the buying People's Magazine. We just renewed our subscription and now which we hadn't. I would had bought only when I saw something of my interest.