Dear Sir of Madam, You have charged me $58.50 for your magazines. Books-A-Million told me about your 2 month free subscription, but they did not inform me about your fees at all.

I am highly upset I am a college student and I am a single woman. That money on my card is my grant money and I use that money to buy things that I need. I am asking you to refund my money back to my card.

I am unsatisfied with you and I want my money back on my card. I never had an account with you and I want my money.

Sincerely, Tiffany Broaders

Review about: People Magazine Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #716412

The fact that you are a single woman doesn't really have anything to do with your problem. It sounds like when my late mother and her sisters would talk about the times their mother had to go to the county for help with medical bills, and her story would start out, "you know I'm just a poor old widow lady." They always said how embarrassing it was to hear her say that.

Furthermore, I have never heard of grant money being sent directly to students, it is normally sent directly to the school for tuition.

Now School Loans is a different story, that does get directly to the students. Then on the other hand, you should have been using either one of those moneys on necessities.

to anonymous Other Location, New York, United States #716582

That is because you never went to college Anonymous from South Dakota! My grant money was given to me on a card. Why cant she have it on a card? I am sure this poor college student did not knowingly spend 58.00 for a magazine subscription.

No one wants to hear about your family members either. We all know that her letter had nothing to do with her problem. She was simply looking for some compassion in the matter. Shut down your old A#@ Windows 95 dial up computer and go jump in the well with your country A@#

P.s If you don't have anything positive to say simply read these comments and then go back outside on the porch and finish drinking your lemonade out of that mayonnaise jar.

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