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On the April 2 issue, with Chrissy Metz on the cover. The very last page has an add" We owe it to you"!

Looks like an add to join a cult, very much gloom and doom, praying on peoples fears. I think this shows, your magazine is on the way of the trash mags. I guess as long as someone pays for advertising , you'll print almost anything. VERY disappointing.

Is this ad possibly from Jehovah Wittness, or maybe some new religion, seeking recruits? I really think it has no business in a People magazine. I fell like , if your gonna put stuff like this in People magazine, I don't wanna be associated with supporting it and buying a subscription.

Please don't just print any kind of ad as long as you get paid for it, have some sort of responsibility. Thanks for listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: People Magazine Magazine.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Where is the crossword puzzle ???????


Am so peeved the puzzle has gone. Very disappointed with people magazine.BRING IT BACK


Missing my crossword puzzle - not going to resubscribe


Want crossword puzzle back in People magazine. Will cancel subscription if this is an ongoing issue.

to Anonymous #1458541

Cancelled mine already

to Bostonbutterfly #1459332

They said it will be back next week

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