I have been getting people for many years. Just got my recent issue delivered and the crossword puzzle has been omitted in this issue.

I hope this is not something new because I might have to reevaluate my subscription.

The crossword puzzle is the first thing I do when I receive it in the mail. I can't believe you have deleted it from the magazine. I am very angry and hope they it will be in the next issue next week. I must have missed the part about it being deleted in this issue.

Unless you didn't bother to announce it. I will go back to last week and look.

Delete the Second look. I also hate the food recipes.

If I wanted recipes I would subscribe to a food magazine. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: People Magazine Magazine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree with her


Umm...April 2, 2018 Issues crossword puzzle 19 across clue and main actress answer for more than 5 questions in the puzzle — is not the actress in the picture. How could no one not notice this? {{Redacted}}


I keep looking thinking it will show up and it doesn’t!!!!


I agree. I was very disappointed to not have a puzzle in two weeks now.

I am behind in reading by two weeks.

Have to check the last two issues. Been getting People on and off for many years and look forward to finidhing each issue with the puzzle also agree some other sections...recipes and fashion...can go instead.


Agree with you. Do you know of any other magazines that include a crossword puzzle?


I was not happy about the missing puzzle and hate the recipes and weight articles too!


I buy mine regularly at the newsstand and never thought to check IF there was a crossword puzzle! WTF People!

Now I will check before I buy and needless to say, NOT buy if there’s no puzzle.

I agree nix the recipes. Who needs a recipe?


No puzzle????? I’m not renewing.


I am pissed off like everyone else. Just flipped through magazine and no crossword.

Matters got worse when bad staple made magazine fall apart! This is all the reason I need to cancel my subscription.


I was upset too.


I was upset too! Glad to hear it will be back! I was wondering if they were ending it for awhile for fear of backlash over screwing up the last installment and misidentifying Sonequa Martin Green of Walking Dead as a diff actress from Orange is the New Black


Thanks for bringing the crossword back!!!!


Where is the crossword puzzle? Very disappointed.


Why would they omit the puzzler, one of the best parts of the magazine. Very disappointed. I don’t need two or three recipes, omit one of the recipes.


Wtf.... no puzzle.

I might cancel. Dumb move


I’m soooooo mad I want the puzzle back!!!!!!


I am very aggravated that People magazine chose to keep the Spot the difference instead of keeping the crossword puzzle. I hope they realize that they made a huge mistake by doing so.

I will not be renewing my subscription, unless the crossword puzzle makes a comeback! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that feels this way.


It's nice to know I'm not the only one who looks forward to the crossword each week, it's the best thing about the magazine, get rid of that silly spot the difference part and bring back the puzzle. I'm fact just make one magazine just puzzles to make up for this


Received my magazine in the mail and for the 2nd week in a row the crossword puzzle is omitted ?! This is the first page i open as i look forward to doing the crossword puzzle !

Once complete, I read the magazine.

Very disappointed......... May cancel my subscription or not renew !!


One of the reasons I purchase People magazine is for the crossword puzzles. I'very been extremely dissatisfied withe the last two issues omitting the puzzle. Please bring it back!!!!!

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