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As a longtime subscriber I am totally discussed with this magazine since Jess Cagle has become the editor. This has become a politically biased magazine & the attack on the President & his family was the last straw!

Never before has there been so much hate toward anyone who gas been elected President. Children have been off limits in the past & now you whining liberals can't move on & respect the choice of the people if this country. There are many opinions in this country..not only those of your party. We are given freedom of speech & all of us deserve the rights of the Constitution.

Sick of the bashing of those who don't agree with you & your party. I will no longer subscribe to this "rag" & feel you have sunken to an all time low!

Product or Service Mentioned: People Magazine Magazine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The word you are grappling with is "disgusted." The best thing to do when you don't like a magazine, for whatever reason is to go online to their website and find the section where you can cancel your subscription---and usually receive a refund for the remaining issues. If you haven't a subscription, then just don't buy the thing.

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