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After many, many years of subscribing to People I will not renew my subscription if the Puzzle does not come back. Someone at People needs to have their knuckles whacked.

What a stupid decision.

My comment can't go through because it's less than 100 words ...I don't need 100 words to say how much I HATE there not being a puzzle in the magazine. My subscription runs out in August and by that time I'll be use to doing puzzles on line. You did this some years ago and you saw how much friction it caused and here you are doing it again.

I feel sure this will not work out for you in a positive way. Everybody wants that puzzle and look forward to the magazine so they can do the puzzle ....is this 100 words yet?

Product or Service Mentioned: People Magazine Magazine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I agree totally peeved part of the reason I bought a subscription why do they do this to usMay have to cancel get rid of second look instead duh


Have purchased People from day one. After removing the puzzle and keeping the dumb second look, we are now searching for a weekly replacement.


I agree. I have been a subscriber to People magazine for 15 years and I will cancel my subscription if the crossword puzzle is no longer in the magazine.


I also will no longer be interested in s subscription. I recently renewed until 2021 and will be canceling and asking for a refund


I will not renew due to deletion of the puzzler.


I am not renewing, due to the deletion of the crossword puzzle.


I agree what idiot did away with the crossword puzzle. I might not renew my subscription. I also take Closer magazine and it does have a crossword puzzle-2 of them!!


The crossword puzzle was the very first thing I did before even starting to read the magazine. So disappointed that they've cancelled it!!


The first thing I did when I got my magazine was to look for the puzzle. I can’t believe that they decided to remove it from it! The rest of the magazine is good, but what made it a great magazine was that they went over the usual kind of magazine to entertain with a bonus!


I’m in complete agreement. I don’t subscribe; I pay full price every week and it’s worth it - or it was.

The crossword isn’t the only reason I enjoy the magazine but it’s a big one.

What a *** thing to do - take out the crossword and leave some dumb photoshop “game”? I’ve been a fan since you debuted in the ‘70s but this was a bonehead move.


I too am Very upset that People magazine decided to no longer included the crossword puzzle, that was one of the highlights after the reading the articles.Sadly, I too will not renew my subscription if the crossword puzzle is no longer included in the magazine.


Where’s the crossword puzzle??????!!!!! Shame on you for deleting it!! Bye, Bye, People Magazine!!!!!


Where's my puzzler???????? I need it!!!!


Been getting it for 25 years. Bring the puzzle back or I will cancel.


The puzzle is one of the reason I get people. Without it its just another celebrity picture mag.

This is a crossword puzzle i could do.

Shame on you. Why???


I am so bummed!!! The whole reason I subscribe is for the puzzles!!! After 10 years, I will no longer be a subscriber.


Every single week I go out & get my People magazine, read it front to back, & do the crossword puzzle. People magazine is the only magazine I read on a weekly basis because I love doing the crossword puzzle.

Like love it. Seriously, I look forward to it every single week. So imagine my dismay when I reached the end of last week's magazine & there was no crossword puzzle! I must have poured through the magazine 4 or 5 times thinking they had moved it or something.

Nope. It just wasn't there. So I bought this week's magazine, thinking it'd be back, & omitting it had just been a mistake. Nope.

Still not there. I'm not buying another People magazine until the crossword comes back.


i will no longer buy People Magazine without the Puzzler........ Why would you take it out???


Like others on this string, I am very disappointed that People has chosen to eliminate its crossword puzzle. With the puzzle, I keep the magazine around longer.

Now it is gone in a matter of minutes. I hope management revises its decision or I too will rethink subscribing.


Darn ! I just renewed.

Big mistake. I always look forward to the crossword puzzle. Darn ! Darn!

Darn ! If I had only known.

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